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Genomics Research and Development Initiative

The Genomics Research and Development Initiative (GRDI) delivers on the promise of genomics to enhance the health, safety and economic prosperity of Canadians.

Long-term impacts of GRDI-funded research are projected to measure in the billions of dollars.

Public health and safety

  • Safer food and water supply
  • Safer health and food products
  • Reduced impacts from disease outbreaks
  • Treatments for cancer and other diseases
  • Enhanced response to biological emergencies

Competitive agriculture and resource industries

  • Enhanced forest protection and production
  • Hardier, more productive food crops
  • Improved fisheries tracking and management
  • Protected vulnerable fish stocks
  • Stronger regulation and trade standards


  • Reduced impact of environmental disruptors
  • Healthy soil and water ecosystems
  • Protected biodiversity and wildlife
  • Reduced impact of contaminants
  • More sustainable resource and agri-food production

Scientific excellence

  • Hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, honours and recognition
  • Recruitment and training of highly qualified personnel
  • Use of results in regulatory and policy decisions
  • Standards and protocols adopted by other countries
  • Transfer of knowledge and tools to collaborators

Pie chart: GRDI projects attracted more than 480 collaborators external to the federal government

Long description of impact infographic
Canadian universities 165
Other public sector organizations (e.g., provincial/municipal entities, NGOs) 98
International universities 90
International research organizations 82
Private sector researchers 34
Canadian research organizations 17
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