Solutions to issues of key importance

Genomics is the science that studies DNA sequences, the functions of the tens of thousands of genes found in living organisms, and the complexity of their multiple interactions. Holistic approaches make it possible to study, simultaneously, not just single genes but many genes and their functions. The language of DNA is common to all organisms. Genomics thus serves as a strong unifying force to understand a wide range of biology questions and has applications in all areas of life.

The Genomics R&D Initiative (GRDI) coordinates federal science departments and agencies in the field of genomics research. Its strategic goal is to contribute solutions to issues that are important to Canadians, focusing on the role of federal government research. Specific applications of GRDI seek to protect and improve human health, develop new treatments for chronic and infectious diseases, protect the environment, manage agricultural and natural resources in a way that is sustainable, and thus support the health and wealth of Canadian communities.